The Greatest Strength of the ‘Alien’ Prequels

The Alien franchise has had its fair share of ups and downs since the first film in the series was released in 1979. Both new prequel films, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, have been extremely polarizing among fans and critics alike. There’s one thing, though, that I think everyone would agree on: both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant are prime examples of Ridley Scott’s excellent visual world-building.
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How ‘Stranger Things’ Got it Right

Released in mid-July, this Netflix original series has proven to be a hit among kids, teens, and adults alike and has received positive reviews all around. So what exactly makes Stranger Things such a success?

Be aware there are some minor spoilers ahead.

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Where ‘Sicario’ Went Wrong…and Why You Should Still Watch it

Sicario was advertised as a realistic thriller depicting the harsh realities of the fight against the Mexican cartel. While for the majority of the movie Sicario is exactly that, things deteriorate towards the end.

Be aware there are major spoiler ahead.

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Movies You’ll Continue to Think About After Watching

Some movies just stick with us after we watch them. Whether it’s because of an epic story, breathtaking cinematography, a thought-provoking message, a beautiful score, or exceptional acting, certain movies continue to occupy our thoughts long after their end credits have rolled. There are so many movies these days that are filled with fantastic visual effects and star-studded casts but are still rather forgettable and “just ok”.  By no means an exhaustive list, here are 5 movies guaranteed to stay in your head after you’ve seen them.

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