Albums That Should be on Your Summer Playlist

If you’re like me and you’re constantly looking for new music to listen to, these albums are sure to give you your music fix for a while. Here are my top picks for albums that should be on your summer playlist:

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Movies You’ll Continue to Think About After Watching

Some movies just stick with us after we watch them. Whether it’s because of an epic story, breathtaking cinematography, a thought-provoking message, a beautiful score, or exceptional acting, certain movies continue to occupy our thoughts long after their end credits have rolled. There are so many movies these days that are filled with fantastic visual effects and star-studded casts but are still rather forgettable and “just ok”.  By no means an exhaustive list, here are 5 movies guaranteed to stay in your head after you’ve seen them.

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Books to Read Before the End of the Summer

For many students-myself included-the workload for the school year leaves little (if any) time for pleasure reading. The beginning of summer marks a time when tedious textbooks are traded in for more enjoyable novels by our favourite authors. These books, spanning several genres, are my top picks for books you should read before the end of the summer. Continue reading “Books to Read Before the End of the Summer”