Is It Time For ‘The Walking Dead’ To End?

Why Our Favourite Zombie Show Isn’t As Good As It Once Was


I remember when I used to be excited for each Sunday, anxiously awaiting the next episode of The Walking Dead. However, with the show now in its eighth season, I’ve found myself far less interested and less invested in the plot and the show’s many characters. My interest in The Walking Dead has waned to the point where I debate whether I should even watch it all any more. With the show’s viewership declining, it’s time to ask what’s gone wrong and why our favourite zombie show isn’t as good as it used to be.

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‘The Office’ Should Have Ended With Season 7

There was a pretty noticeable dip in quality after Season 7 of The Office and the ratings reflected this. Steve Carell’s departure from the show forced the writers to come up with material that pushed the limits of what was believable in The Office universe, as well as drastically changing many of the characters that we had come to love in seasons prior. While the series ultimately came back to end on a strong note, it would have been better to end things before the show had lost most of its mojo.

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Why So Many Modern Movie Fight Scenes Suck

Action movies can be a lot of fun. There generally isn’t a whole lot of thinking required from the audience and it’s easy to just sit back and be entertained for a few hours. If you’re like me, though, you’ve probably noticed a lot of fight scenes in movies these days really suck. This isn’t just happening in bad movies either– there are a lot of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters being released with really underwhelming fight scenes. They’re hard to follow, choppy, and it’s generally difficult to understand what’s even happening. So what’s going on here?

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“American Gods” First Impressions: A Whole Lot of Strange

As a massive fan of Bryan Fuller’s NBC show Hannibal, I was eagerly awaiting the release of his new Starz project American Gods. With the recently aired first episode, audiences were treated to beautiful visuals, plenty of blood, and a whole lot of strange.

*Spoilers for the first episode of American Gods in this article.*

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A Different Take on “13 Reasons Why”

The Netflix original 13 Reasons Why has created quite a buzz in the weeks since its release. Many have praised the show for the awareness it’s generated on the effects of bullying and its central theme of never really knowing what’s going on in another’s life. Recently, however, many organizations and school boards across North America are now criticizing the show for its gratuitous depiction of suicide and the suggestion that Hannah’s choice to kill herself was the logical outcome of the treatment she received.

*Spoilers ahead.*

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A Dose of Nostalgia: Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

I’ve been waiting for a proper Series of Unfortunate Events series ever since I read the books all those years ago as a kid. As the 2004 adaptation of the book series was relatively disappointing and generally poorly received, Lemony Snicket’s work was just waiting to be brought back to the screen, big or small. Netflix has delivered on this front with their new original series A Series of Unfortunate Events.

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19-2: The Great Canadian TV Show You’ve Probably Never Heard of

While there are no shortage of cop shows on the TV these days, 19-2 stands separate and above. Based on a French TV show of the same name, 19-2 follows the professional and personal lives of police officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier, two Montreal cops of district 19 assigned to be partners (in car 2, hence the title of the show). The two men find themselves entangled in a mess of personal drama and professional danger, the lines between the two often intertwined.

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